Introducing Handyman Jim Larsen

Jim Larsen has a knack for fixing things. All kinds of things. He’s known in the biz as a “roofer” – meaning he literally fixes everything under the roof.  


Jim’s been a general contractor in Minneapolis for 35 years and has done it all – light construction, remodeling and renovation, repairs, window replacements and plumbing. These days, he specializes in handyman, repair and remodeling services for light commercial and residential customers. Most of his work is in south Minneapolis and neighboring suburbs, but he’s been known to venture across town when a customer is in a fix.


Call Jim to get take on a remodeling project, put a dent in your to-do list, or troubleshoot a problem. He works by the hour or by the job. And he’s happy to provide a free estimate. Call 612-722-9493.


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